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Mounting the Dorian Micro 16000 Transmitter
-The front/rear of the vehicle must be in line with the axis of the mounting bracket.
-The transmitter should not be more than 300 mm above the road surface
-There is a video on our Facebook page  or youtube showing how to mount a temporary unit without a bracket e.g. a hire one
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Entering an Event
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Automatic Timing
Lap Timing
Laps times are recorded for all cars for both events and practice on regularity days by the Austin 7 Club of SA Inc. Timing Team.  This team which is part of our club has many years experience in motor sport timing.  They have been involved in timing events at all levels ranging from single car at the time sprints, land speed record attempts, Clipsal 500 and up to world championship race events. 
Events are timed to 1/10000 second using the Dorian DATA-1 timing transmitters along with a manual backup.  Each car is fitted with a timing transmitter which has a unique id number. 1/10000 of a second equates to 2.7mm at 100kph
Scoring for all groups is still only calculated to 1/10 though.
Obtaining a Dorian Timing Transmitter
Transmitters are available from TTM for $440 or a discounted price of $425 for financial members of Track Time Motorsport (a division of the The Austin 7 Club of SA Inc.).  They are also available for hire at our events for $35 for the weekend by requesting one when entering.  A mounting bracket can be bought for $5 however if you buy a transmitter it comes with a bracket.
email Tony for information
  Picture of the transmitter and charging tray.
An orange mounting bracket can be seen on the tray and it is about 93 mm long
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